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CANNABIS Massage Gel 5% Cannabis Oil 380ml



volume: 380ml

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Herbal gel with hemp seed oil, peppermint and extracts of chestnut, comfrey, camphor and eucalyptus. Perfect for massaging tired muscles, joints and tendons.

Massaging tired muscles and joints improves blood circulation and warms them through, helping to release rigidity and improve mobility.

This gel contains cold-pressed hemp seed oil which also has positive effects on dried and chapped skin. It helps to speed up the regeneration and renewal of the protective skin barrier.

Use: apply to the skin and gently rub in. Massaging the afflicted area increases the effect. Repeat as required. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS.

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by composition Cannabis
by use massage
Objem 380ml
ks / balení 6
ks / vrstva 150
ks / paleta 1200
vrstvy / paleta 8